How to Fix the Spinning Wheel of Death

The rainbow-colored never-ending Spinning Wheel of Death (SPOD) in Mac OS system can be compared to the blue screen of death in Windows. Apple Corporation refers to it as the Spinning Wait Cursor, which means an application has stopped working or responding in the system and continues to spin endlessly. In most of the cases, the spinning wheel issue can be resolved within a few steps like force quitting the application. But, sometimes the condition becomes more awful and the system needs a reboot or even restoration. If your Mac has also got frozen and you are clueless to take the steps, then follow the method below and fix the endless rainbow wheel in your system.

How to Fix the Spinning Wheel of Death

Let see how to fix the spinning wheel of death

  1. Force quitting the application would be an option to choose in the situation
  2. In the top left corner, click Apple icon
  3. Click Force Quit to open the box
  4. Select the application which is unresponsive and creating trouble in the system
  5. Click Force Quit

The process will end the application but you will not receive any information for the application freeze. In future, the defect may spread to other applications so as to prevent it, you have to take steps to avoid the freezing of your system.

To get rid of the spinning wheel, you must check the CPU usage of your Mac

  1. An underperforming system can cause the same issue
  2. The spinning wheel indicates that the system is lacking in maintaining the tasks and programs
  3. To check, open Finder or press cmd + spacebar to open search
  4. Now type Activity Monitor and press enter
  5. In the Activity Monitor go to CPU and see all the processes and programs
  6. If the CPU usage is more than 50%, then your system needs to clear the applications
  7. Go to Memory and check the memory usage.
  8. If the CPU and memory usage is high then select the apps one by one
  9. Now you can force quit these unresponsive applications one by one and create a fresh memory for the system

Force quitting an application in Mac works, but sometimes the system doesn’t work even after the methods mentioned above. If you are still facing the Spinning Wheel of Death, then you must approach the Mac support center to get help.

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