How to Disable Netflix Autoplay Episodes?

Netflix is an American media series provider founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings in California. The company’s initial business was its subscription-based streaming media service that offered online streaming of a library of films and television programmes. Netflix’s primary business model included sales of DVD. Netflix expanded its business by introducing streaming media while retaining DVD and Blu ray rental service. Netflix services operate in over 190 countries; it is worldwide accepted except North Korea, Syria, mainland China, and Crimea. It entered the content production industry in 2012 with Lilyhammer. Since then, It has expanded production of both television series and film.

Disabling autoplay episodes

On the very popular Netflix, content having more than one episode will continue to play the next piece of the content itself. If no episodes are there in the TV shows, then the suggested content will itself start playing.

However, this convenient features is not for everyone. If you want Netflix not to play promo, preview or the next episode as you finish playing the last episode. You can resist post play by changing your profile settings.

How to stop autoplay feature on Netflix?

For disabling the automatic feature of playback, use these steps:

  1. On the web browser, open Netflix.
  2. Tap on your profile avatar.
  3. Press your profile button in the top right corner and choose the Account option.
  4. Clear Play next episode automatically option.
  5. There will be four options named, Auto, Low, Medium, high, select the option of Auto, put a mark on the Play next episode automatically.
  6. Hit the Save button.

Once you have performed all the above steps, Netflix will no longer play next episode itself. If you want to stop autoplay for trailers and promo, there is no option to disable that particular feature. But if you use Netflix on the web, you may use Chrome or Firefox extension to block this feature.

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