How to Check RAM Usage on Computers and Phones

In the Smartphone, each app uses some space of RAM. While multitasking the RAM usage will become high, and hence this will affects the device performance. You can check the RAM status of your device to see how much is used and how much is free. Here is how to check the RAM Usage of your device.

How to check RAM Usage on Windows

1.    Press and hold down ‘Ctrl + Alt + Del’ button together on your keyboard.

2.    Select ‘Task Manager’ from the options.

3.    Switch to ‘Performance’ tab from the top of the Task Manager window.

4.    Click on the ‘Memory’ tab at the left side menu.

5.    On the middle of the screen, you can see device memory Usage.

The RAM Usage will appear in the graph format under the “Memory usage” and in number under the “In use (Compressed)” section. Here you can see both available and free memory on your Windows device.

How to check RAM Usage on Mac

1.    Click on the ‘Spotlight’ (Magnifying glass icon) button at the upper right corner.

2.    Enter and Search for “Activity Monitor” into the search bar.

3.    Open ‘Activity Monitor’ program from the result.

4.    When the Activity Monitor app opens, here you can view your Mac’s RAM Usage.

5.    Click on the ‘Memory’ tab from the top tab bar.

6.    On the bottom section of the window, you can see your device memory usage.

In the bottom section, many types of Memory usage you will see. See how much RAM your Mac is using under “Memory Used.” “Physical Memory” showing how much total RAM your Mac have.

How to check RAM Usage on Android

1.    Go to ‘Settings’ of your Android device.

2.    Go down and tap on ‘Apps.’ Or first tap ‘Device’ > and then > Apps.

3.    On the Apps screen, switch to the ‘Running’ tab.

4.    Here three types of RAM Usage are given.

•    Under ‘System,’ you can check the total RAM of your Android device.

•    Under ‘Apps,’ you can check the RAM currently used by the running apps.

•    And under ‘Free,’ you can view how much RAM is free on your device.

How to check RAM Usage on an iPhone or iPad

Unfortunately, iPhone users cannot view the RAM usage of their device. They are only able to check the one type of memory that is storage. If your device is getting slow, check the RAM usage of your device. If the RAM usage is full, then reboot your device to clean it.

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