What Makes Facebook Messenger A Useful Travel App

What is the first thing to come to your mind when thinking of Facebook’s Messenger? Surely you think of instant messaging and video calling.

Well, it is a fantastic way of keeping in touch with individuals. However, did you know that you could do a lot more with Messenger other than text chatting, voice and video calling?

 Facebook’s Messenger app contains a number of features which are useful for people who travel. If you are a backpacker or business traveler, you will benefit from the travel features included in the Messenger app. Here are a few of them:

1- Book Hotels and Flights

Are you sick of going through endless hotel options to get the best bargain? Well, now you can let Messenger do this effortful work for you. Simply like the page of any travel bot, and then message them over Messenger. For example, tell them: I am visiting Paris on 23rd May 2019. Now, the chatbot shall respond to you with the available options. You can customize the search as well. For example, if you are traveling with your pooch, then you can look for pet-friendly hotels.

If you buy flight tickets from KLM, you will get flight updates over messenger. You can see your boarding pass, check in, and even track the flight status. A number of airlines have Messenger bots from where people can book their tickets and track their flights. It is incredibly convenient to book a flight and track it on Messenger.

2- Share Live Location

Now, if you are vacationing with a bunch of friends, then you must be aware of the pains of trying to locate every one of them after splitting up for a couple of hours.

The Live Location feature of the application allows users to share their live location with single users or groups. This way you can track where your relatives or friends, who you are traveling with are. Users can customize for how long their wish to share their live location. So, now you do not have to make frantic calls and annoy your fellow travelers by constantly asking where they are and in how much time they will be back. You can just open the Messenger app and track their location.

3- Split the Bill

When we travel in groups, it is not quite easy to split shares. Often, a couple or two don’t have enough change, and sometimes one person foots the entire bill. Facebook Messenger has a group payments feature. This feature helps users to split their bills with friends. Users can divide the bills in equal proportions or enter their share.

Users can give or take money between groups of individuals. This feature is available without any cost, is easy and quick to use, and extremely safe. So now users can share the cost and split a restaurant check or contribute for a party. If somebody owes you money, then you can “Request” them for their share.

4- Request a Ride

Even though people opt for local modes of transportation while traveling, at times booking a cab or ridesharing service may be convenient. If you are traveling to or in the US, then you can book Uber or Lyft rides from Messenger. Both of these ridesharing apps are incredible and popular. Moreover, they usually have amazing offers which will help you in saving money.

To hail a ride, open any old conversation, and tap on the menu option located at the lower end. Now, just select Request a Ride from the list. Select which service (Uber or Lyft) you wish to opt for. After that, just log in to your ridesharing service account, and hail the cab.

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