Use myResource Program to Monitor all PC Resource

Most of the user is using the Windows Task Manager to find all of the detail data for the resources which are save on their computer system for any type of activities such as- processes, performance, application history and other. It is also providing more details through is Resource Monitor.

However, one of the drawbacks of Task Manager graphs is that they will on show the data only for 60 seconds that keeps getting updated every second. But now you have no more option to do this work, that is called the myResources app. This app will help you to Monitor all of the PC resources usages in one graph.

How to myResources app works to monitors PC resources in one graph?

myResources is a portable solution that will show the load status of your computer system resources such as- disk, memory, CPU, and network. It will also show you the past hour or past day graphs. With the help of this, you can efficiently analyze even better its SunGraph that merges graphic chart for all of the resources.

myResources app will also provide you with Active icons. It will show as a set of three on your computer system desktop. In brief, as Disk, CPU, Memory, the icons will change color when any of these resources find a spike on their will help you to know that why is your PC working slow and which source is heavy on your computer system. In this case, the icon will change their color instantly. You can try out for some of the activity such as- a copy, or by opening a folder and you will also know that how it will work on your computer system.

The graph will provide you Averages and Maximum for Disk, CPU, Memory usage. You will able to monitor Network Downloads as well.


  1. You can change the Graphic type of horizontal.
  2. You can change the color of the graph.
  3. You can reset all of the settings with the help of command line option.
  4. You can change the color of the icons about the current status.
  5. Individual graph or associated graph can be seen for each of the resources.
  6. It is possible only to monitor one or two resource instead in all of them.

In short, it really bests choice if you are searching for an alternative of task manager, at least for the monitoring. Besides this app, there is no more option to remove applications which are possible in the task manager.

If you have downloaded the app, then we will suggest you move it into a separate folder. As we have already discussed before it is a portable app, it can be detected from the folder if you have clean out your download can keep it on a USB drive and use it i=on any type of Windows PC.

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