Temperature Sensor Added to Fingerprint Scanner to Improve your Smartphone’s Security

So from now forget to use fingerprint scanners which are tucked away on the back of your phone or might be under a home button. Your next Smartphone is most likely going to have a fingerprint sensor beneath the screen that measures your temperature, only to make sure that you are a real human.

On Tuesday, article published in Nature Communications, a group of Korean researchers disclosed that they had developed a flexible, transparent fingerprint sensor range that can be used to determine temperature and pressure.

However, the sensor is the work of scientists from the Samsung Display-UNIST Center at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea explained that the most capacitive fingerprint sensors which are currently used in smartphones are very concrete. So they need to be secreted away under a bezel, beneath on the back of the device or under the home button.

While Apple has been avoiding this problem with the 3D depth-sensing cameras for the FaceID, yet some Smartphone manufacturers have released a device that always hides a fingerprint scanner under the display.

According to the latest research paper, the sensor which is developed by the team can be integrated with all the transparent forms of tangible pressure sensors and also with the skin temperature sensors, only to enable the detection of a finger pressing on the display, and also at a resolution which satisfies the FBI security standards.

Though don’t expect any new sensor to identify a fever via your finger. Instead, the temperature sensor is only designed to identify the human skin temperature to only confirming that you are not even using a fake hand or any artificial fingerprint only for spoof security.

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