Steps to Use Alexa Cast Feature to Beam Music to Echo Devices

Recently, Amazon has announced its latest casting technology which is called by the name Alexa Cast. It’s an Amazon’s version of the Google Cast which lets you to easily stream music and videos directly from your Smartphone or tablet to another device like Google Home speakers or Chromecast. However, by the time of writing, the Alexa Cast is not as fairly as robust, and it only supports music through the Amazon Music application on iOS and Android. Recently the company also stated that there is a lot to know more about the Alexa.

Today we provide you few simple steps which help you in how to use the Alexa cast feature to Beam Music to Echo Devices. The steps are easy to follow, but you need to follow the steps in the given sequence only to avoid trouble and save your precious time and efforts. The steps are mentioned below:

Steps of Using Alexa Cast

The process of using Alexa cast on Android and iOS is nearly the same by using the Amazon Music. Though, some latest features were recently launched by the company this week. If you don’t see it that feature yet, then confirm that to update the Amazon Music app easily.

To start using it you need to follow the steps; the steps are given below:

  1. Click to open Amazon Music app on your device
  2. Click to start playing a tune.
  3. A new “Alexa Cast” icon will appear on the bottom of the screen, click on it
  4. Now, select the device, to listen to your music on
  5. Above the playback controls, the name of the device appears on the screen in which music is being cast.
  6. To disconnect the Alexa Cast, click on the Alexa cast icon
  7. Then, click on the Disconnect button on the list

Still, the Amazon continues to develop upon what actually its Alexa-powered devices can do.

During the time of this writing, the Alexa Cast only works with the Amazon Music app. However, the company also said that it plans to include support for some other apps in the upcoming years. And it will also remain to be seen only if it will support the streaming video, but hopefully, the chances are very good.

Though using the feature is always very perceptive, and this is a very good start. And it is also positively welcome a feature only for a household which includes a lot of Echos and also other Alexa-enabled devices.

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