Prevent & Protect your Smartphone from Juice Jacking

If you use the public charging USB ports to charge your Smartphone’s, tablets and other devices, then that such public charging points can surreptitiously install malware on your device. Sometimes, public charging ports provide a big help when your mobile device’s battery is exhausted, and you don’t have any power bank or a charger; however, these ports might steal all your data by installing malware on your device.

Public places such as offices, coffee shops, airport & hotel, and railway stations have public charging stations, and most of the people are often anxious to use them when our devices are low on power or battery fully exhausted.

Juice Jacking is a sort of cyber-attack where malware is installed on your device by using a USB charging port, and all your data is secretly copied on another device.

About Juice Jacking

Though the modern Smartphones or devices always use the same data cable and docks for power supply for data torrenting. It doesn’t matter, that what you are using an Android phone, a Windows Phone or an iPhone, but the cable which is used to charge the phone is also using in transferring the data. Some of the public charging ports can be directly connected to some hidden computers which are corresponding to your device when you begin charging it. It is how the eavesdroppers obtain the illicit access to all your data which is stored on your phone during the process of charging. Then, the malicious code is automatically injected into your device through a malicious charger to steal the data, and this is process is called Juice Jacking.

Once it is interconnected with a desktop computer system, then your phone or device is available to the infiltrators, and by this, all your data is at risk including your photos, notes, music files, contacts database,  and even the cache files.

To protect your smartphone or device from different malware infection, you need an antivirus on your smartphone. Antivirus protects your device from different online threats, or it can notify you whenever any virus attacks on your device or you visited on some unauthorized website. The best antivirus available in the market these days are McAfee. McAfee is developed antivirus for many years; it is the most trusted brand for serving high-quality antivirus with enhanced features. If you need to know more about McAfee, then visit or for installing the software, dial the toll-free number of McAfee customer support.

Prevent & Protect your Smartphones from Juice Jacking

Juice Jacking is not a well-known threat, but it is always better to be careful. With the use senses and carefulness, then you can easily avoid this secret attacks on your smartphone or other devices.

1- Always Keep your Smartphone Charged

Generally, you completely should keep your devices charged, whenever you go outside of your home. Try to keep your phone on charging when you are not using it; it is always a good idea for protecting your smartphone

2- Try Avoiding USB Chargers

Always try to avoid using the public chargers, and if you need it, be sure that you are using the AC/DC chargers instead of a USB charger so that there is one-way charge connection between your device and the charger only.

3- Always Carry a Power Bank or a Charger

Nowadays, power bank is developed by most of the renowned tech brands, and buying the power bank is one of the best ideas, it helps in avoiding any nuisance or chaos which was created by exhausted the phone. If you do not carry a power bank, then try to carry your charger.

4- Switch Off the Smartphone

If you are not carrying your charger or a power bank and need to use the public docks, then instead of this, you can switch off your phone and then plug it into the charging port. It will allow the power supply flow and also help in avoiding the data transit. Always remember that the power supply is one-way flow, and the data transfer flows on two-way.

5- Always Use Smartphone’s Security Features

Today, most the smartphones are well-prepared with the security features, but we barely use them. When you connect your phone with a USB cable, it always asks for your permission to transfer your data or not. Then, Click on the Cancel option. Then, it will automatically stop any sort of data transfer and always allow the power supply flow.

As we discussed earlier, for the best protection of your smartphone, you necessarily need to install antivirus security software on your phone. And we already suggest you install the McAfee antivirus; it provides you enhanced features and overall protection to your smartphone. For installing the software visit or if you need any technical support dial the toll-free number of McAfee customer support.

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