Cyber Attacks & Data Leaks: McAfee Secure’s Breach Insurance Protects Your Business

In the present world, no computer or network is secure. Data Breach attempts are at an all-time high. However, businesses which have the right insurance coverage which facilitates them to respond promptly and efficiently when the data breach happens are at a distinct advantage. To that end, in the present environment, a company which has the right insurance coverage gets a real competitive edge. McAfee, the security software giant, has come up with Breach Insurance policy for businesses. For more details about McAfee products and activation, visit

Day by day the number of incidents of reported attacks on computers and communication systems are increasing. Several other data breaches and cyber attacks are not even noticed for months and years until they are discovered. These attacks are launched either from the outside or inside. Careless handling of data and information can also result in such attacks.

What is McAfee Secure Breach Insurance?

Since data breaches cannot be prevented, they have to be managed. Every business, irrespective of its size, should get adequate data breach insurance because every company is likely to be endangered to loss of business and damage to reputation.

When the security products company McAfee saw the amount of impact caused by breaches i.e., three out of five small businesses shut down within six months of attack, it decided that breaches should not cost anybody their business. This is when McAfee Secure Breach Insurance came into existence.

The McAfee Secure Breach Insurance assists the merchants in offsetting the costs which are associated with either a suspected or an actual breach. Therefore, it gives the business owner peace of mind and it gives them the assurance that any breach will not ruin the business. Moreover, this Breach Insurance makes it far easier for businesses to get back on track if and when a breach occurs.

Who can get McAfee Secure Breach Insurance?

All of the level 2, 3, and 4 PCI merchants are eligible for this Breach Insurance. This insurance covers the merchants’ against not only digital but also physical breaches. Hence, it doesn’t matter if the breach was caused by a cybercriminal or hacker or a crook employee, this insurance has got you covered. The coverage you get is $100,000. It can be used towards a number of costs which are:

  • Costs for credit card replacement and other expenses related to it.
  • Costs of fines which are levied by card sponsors for data breaches.
  • Informing the customers of the data breach.
  • Whenever a data breach is suspected, a compulsory forensic exam is needed by the PCI DSS.
  • Upgrading the software and hardware in lieu of fines.

Features of McAfee Secure Breach Insurance

Here are some essential features of McAfee Secure Breach Insurance:

  1. Coverage of $100,000

This insurance coverage of $100k can be used to conduct forensic tests, pay for fines and assessments, upgrading the software and hardware and informing the customers.

  1. Big coverage for small businesses

This Breach Insurance is made in such a way that it caters specifically to he needs to Level 2, 3, and 4 merchants instead of the online giants.

  1. Digital and physical protection

This insurance covers you whether the breach is caused by hackers or whether it is a third party thievery of the physical records and hardware.

  1. Security after the data breach

In order to prevent breaches from happening in the future, the merchants are entitled to expense items. These include identity theft education for workers and employees and credit monitoring and assessment.

How does the McAfee Secure Breach Insurance Work?

The working of McAfee’s Breach Insurance is quite simple. When a breach happens, the victim files a claim and thereafter they will be put in touch with the breach experts. The breach experts will help the victim to evaluate the damage and determine the further steps to be taken. According to the situation, these steps may include notifying the customers, upgrading software or hardware, carrying out the forensic exams, etc.

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