Easy hacks and solutions to resolve common McAfee download and install errors

Are you a regular computer user? Do you work on your laptop for multiple hours in a day? Do you store personal information in your personal computer? It is essential to keep your computer and laptop safe. Viruses, malwares, worms, etc are major threats which could wreck havoc in your computer. McAfee antivirus is a robust software which protects your computer from all the threats and infections. McAfee gives real time protection against all the threats and it updates automatically, ensuring that the system is always safe and secure.

Even though McAfee is a strong, efficient, and smooth software, sometimes the user may encounter errors while attempting to download or install McAfee antivirus. IF you see any of the errors during download or installation, then do not worry, we have got you covered. This blog consists a list of all the common McAfee installation and download errors and ways to troubleshoot them.

Error Message 12152

The Error code 12152 comes up when there is a missing file. The user may encounter this error when one or more files which are needed during download of McAfee antivirus software are missing. When the download servers of McAfee are not in sync, this error may happen.

Solution for this error

When this error message appears, it is judicious to wait for a couple of minutes before trying to install the McAfee antivirus software again. At times, you may also have to wait for a few hours before trying to install the software again.

Error Message 7305

The Error code 7305 comes up when there has been a mismatch in files. If the file properties ie the size or timestamp, etc of the downloaded files do not are not matching exactly with the expected properties. Error 7305 shows up while you are attempting to download and install the McAfee antivirus software.

Solution for this error

Just like in error 12152, you need to wait for some time before retrying the installation. If even after waiting for a long time, you are still getting this error then you should run the pre-install tool, restart the computer, and then wait for 20-40 minutes before trying to install the McAfee product on your computer.

Error Message 76556

Error code 76556 is indicative of an incompatible OS or a virus or spyware infection. Moreover, it could also be due to incompatibility of another software for example this error will appear when you try to install McAfee antivirus if you have another antivirus software running on your computer.

Solution for this error

To resolve error 76566 ensure that your computer system meets all the minimum requirements needed by McAfee product. Also, update your entire system and scan it for viruses and malware.

Error Message 12002

Error Message 12002 comes up during the download of McAfee antivirus. This may happen because of incomplete installation or corrupted download. Malwares also have the ability to corrupt the windows system files.

Solution for this error

Error 12002 can be fixed by repairing the windows registry entries which are in relation of Error 12002. After the registry entries repair, do a complete scan of your PC for malware and viruses. Remove all the accumulated junk from your system.

Error Message 12029

The Error Code 12029 comes up when there is a failure in connection. The reason behind this error may be a misconfigured windows system file. A damaged file in the windows system may cause this error. Corrupted files are a real threat to the security of your computer.

Solution for this error

Restoring of the computer will fix this error. Log into your system as the administrator and go to start. Click All Programs then Accessories then System tools and go to System restore. Click on Restore my computer to an earlier time and click next. Confirm it and reboot your computer once the restoration is complete.

If you still face any issue while trying to install or download McAfee products then contact the McAfee antivirus support for instant solutions. The McAfee antivirus customer care team can be reached at their 24/7 toll-free number. For download, installation, and activation of McAfee antivirus, go to this website www.mcafee.com/activate.

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