How to Fix Firefox’s Video Format or MIME Type Not Supported Error?

Sometimes, when you are trying to play video in your Firefox browser, but it fails to open and show an error message like “video format, or MIME type is not supported on the Firefox player. This error will signify that there is some problem in your Firefox browser. Generally, this problem occurs when your browser has lacks of certain functionality which is required during the time you play video in the Firefox player.

We provide you some solution by which you can fix this error. But try to follow the steps in a given series to avoid any other error. The steps are discussed below.

Steps to Fix Firefox’s Video Format or MIME Type Not Supported Error

We are providing two methods by which you can be able to solve the problem; they are as follows:

  • Install, or re-install Adobe Flash Player
  • Enable JavaScript in the browser

Method-1: Install or Re-Install Adobe Flash Player

The Adobe Flash player is the initial thing which you need while playing any video in the Firefox player. However, you may be able to play some similar videos without even installing the Adobe Flash Player; if you are getting the similar error message, then you have to download it.

To install this Adobe Flash Player on your system, you need to visit on the Official website of the Adobe Flash Player, i.e.

In case if you already installed it on your system, then you have to uninstall it then again reinstall it from the official website.

Method-2: Enable JavaScript in the Browser

Many website admins are using this JavaScript only to show the player into their web pages. If you disabled JavaScript from your computer, then there are very high chances of getting this error in your Firefox browser. Here is one simple solution to fix this error is to enable the JavaScript on your system. To do so, follow the below given steps:

  1. Enter the given path in the address bar,
  • about: config
  1. Then, press enter.
  2. Now, click mark the “I accept the risk” button and continue the process.
  3. After that type the command given below:
  • enabled
  1. after that, check it once, if the value is set to False, then double-click on it and change it to True.
  2. Lastly, reload the page and check it that you can able to play video or not.

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