How to Erase Saved Password from Different Browsers

Username and password is the entry gate of your cyber world. It’s like the key to your premises which can enable you as well another person to enter or snoop into your private affairs.

Some time convenience becomes trouble; a saved password is just like that convenience. It is a tool that speeds up your work process with directed entry into the digital environment without any formalities, but it could be trouble if handled by someone other than you.

Here are some easy steps according to the various well-known browsers that help you to erase the saved password from your browser so that no one can intrude into your sphere.  

Steps for Internet Explorer to remove saved password:

1. To erase any/some specific passwords

1.    Go to the Tools menu.

2.    Click on Internet Options.

3.    Select Content.

4.    Go to Settings under AutoComplete.

5.    Select Manage Passwords.

6.    Move to the Web Credentials Manager.

7.    Select the desired website or websites you want to remove from the browser by clicking the drop-down arrow.

8.    Press on Remove selected items.

To remove all saved passwords

1.    Go to the Tools menu.

2.    Click on Internet Options.

3.    Select Content.

4. Choose Settings from AutoComplete.

5.    Click Delete AutoComplete history.

 Prevention is better than cure, so for future concern bar the AutoComplete option for username and password by deselecting it on the forms and then click OK to ensure this prevention.

Removal process of the saved password over Chrome web browser:

Steps for any specific or multiple site passwords

1.    Go to the Menu Icon in the upper right corner of the web browser.

2.    Select Settings.

3.    Click on Show Advanced Settings link at the bottom.

4.    Untick the checkbox which provides you with the facility to save your web password.

5.    Select the Managed Saved Passwords option.

6.    Highlight the website for which you want to remove the password, Under the Saved Passwords and then click on the X button.

 Steps for Mozilla Firefox web browser

1.    Go to the menu button and select choose Preferences.

2.    Move to the Security tab.

3.    Click on Saved Logins.

To eliminate all existing saved passwords:

 Click on Remove all option.

To eliminate specific saved passwords:

1. Select the site/sites under the Site column and highlight it in blue

2. Click on Remove button.

3. If you want to erase all saved password than click on Remove all button.

4. Once again, if you’re going to prevent such happening in future than deselect the option to Remember logins for sites.

 This will prevent passwords from being saved in the future.

* You can find above option in the Privacy tab  instead of security  in an older version of Firefox

 Steps to remove in Safari

1.    Open the Safari menu.

2.    Click on Preferences.

3.    Move to the Autofill tab.

4.    Click the Edit button for Usernames and Passwords.

5.    Remove the saved data that relate to your desired website.

Steps for Opera

1.    Select the Tools menu.

2.    Go to Advanced.

3.    Click on Password Manager.

4.    Remove the saved username, password according to your desire.

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