How to Edit Videos on Windows

Windows has several programs which control your computer. It manages all the saved files or folder on the system and hardware which is attached to your system. Windows permit the user to come in contact with the system. The user can do video clip editing on Windows, or they can take the help of their hand to use the worldly software.

Steps to Edit a Video Clip on Windows

•    Move the video clips to the system. In case the video clips are stored on your Android or iOS device, then move the video clips to the system before connecting both of them.

  • In case the video clips are placed on the “Video Camera,” you have to pair the “Video camera” to the system through Universal Serial Bus or place the “Camera Secure Digital Card” in the system. Choosing the PC camera or Secure Digital card into the “Explorer File Manager,” then go to the “Data Center Infrastructure Management” file and moving the folder in the system.

•    Search the “Video Clips” you wish to edit. Open the file or the place on the system where you wish to save that video clip.

•    Right-click the “Video Clip.” By clicking on the video clip, it will open a page of pull-down list on the system.

  • In case there is no right-click option in the mouse, Press the right-hand column of your mouse and with the help of your two fingers press the mouse button.
  • In case the system has a touchpad option, then with your two fingers press the touchpad or click the right-hand column of the touchpad.

•    Choose “Open With” button. It is located in the pull-down page. Choosing “Open With” button will show a navigation page.

•    Press ‘Photos.” You will get this into the navigation page. After clicking on “Photos” option, it will show the video into the photos application on your screen.

•    Tap “Edit and Create” button. This button is located on the right-hand side of the desktop. It will show a pull-down page on your screen.

•    Press “Create a movie with text” option. It is located on the pull-down page.

•    Give the title to the project. Enter any title for the project after that, press “Ok” button.

•    Pull the “Movie Clip” in the place where you wish to edit. Press and pull the “Movie Clip” given in the left-hand column of the desktop in the “Storyboard” bar located at the end of the desktop.

•    Edit the “Video Clip” option. There are many options for editing the video clip which will appear on your screen. Choosing one of the options for editing the video clip:

  • Trim. Press “Trim” option after that, transfer the colorful “Sliders” at the end of the desktop to cover that place where you wish to keep it. If there is any file located at the “Left-hand Slider” or “Right-hand Slider” will get removed. Tap “Done” button to save the changes you had made.
  • Resize. Tap “Resize” option after that, press “Remove Black Bars” or “Shrink to Fit” option into the given page.
  • Filters. Press “Filters” option, choose a “Filter” located on the right-hand column of the desktop after that, tap “Done” button.
  • Title. Tap “Text” option, type a “Name,” choose different types of format option underneath the “Name’s Text.”
  • Motion. Press the “Motion” option, choose a “Motion option given on the right-hand column of the webpage after that, press “Done” button.

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