How to Control your Mac or PC using iPhone

If you wish to control your PC or Mac using your smartphone or if you want to access any document or file from it, it can be done using the Remote Desktop Connection feature. This feature uses the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) and allows the users to manage or control the machine remotely on your local network or over the internet. This can be done by using the ready to use guide. What is required is, you must be running the latest version of Google Chrome on your host machine. Chrome Remote Desktop app should be installed on your smartphone. Both the remote device and host should be connected to the Internet.

Using Chrome extension

Open your respective app store on your iOS or Android device, download and install ‘Chrome remote desktop’ app, and open Google Chrome on your PC or Mac. Download and install ‘Chrome remote Desktop’ extension. Type ‘Chrome://apps’ in the address bar and tap on ‘Enter’ Key. Click on the ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’ icon to open it. Click on ‘get started from ‘My Computers’ section. The extension will download a file by itself, install that file. After the installation process is over, head back to the extension and click on Enable Remote Connections. Set up a new ‘PIN’ for your connection and click ‘OK.’ Open the app on your smartphone and tap on the ‘PC’ name. Authenticate the connection using the ‘PIN.’

Using the remote desktop website

Open Google Chrome and visit ‘,’ Click on “Remote Access’ option. Click on the ‘Turn On’ button to start the process. Choose a few new names for your computer or use the existing one. Click on the ‘Next’ and set up a new ‘PIN” for the connection. Now hit the start button. Now, download and install the ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’ app from your respective app stores. Open the application and tap on ‘Computer’ name. Enter PIN to establish the connection.

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