Google under Fire in Defamation Case: a Man in Australia Sue the Search Giant

 According to the report of ABC, on Tuesday Google is under fire when a man in Australia got the proceed to sue the search giant for defamation.

The Milorad Trkulja was gunshot by an unknown gunman in Melbourne in 2004; then discovered that Google would search of his name which was brought up some images of mob figures, including prolific drug trafficker Tony Mokbel. Criminal world activity in the city was common at the time.

Milorad Trkulja was successfully sued Google in The Victorian Supreme Court in 2012, and also receiving AU$200,000 in damages. Then he launched a second defamation action in the year 2013, which is called alleging Google’s autocomplete predictions, with the search phrases such as “Melbourne underworld criminals,” that is wrongly carried up his image and name. Google has acquired the case to the Victorian Supreme Court for Appeal and won that round.

Now the High Court has granted Milorad Trkulja, special leave to appeal against that decision.

According to the ABC, the judgment said that “In every page on which the images of such persons appear, there are also the images of persons who are notorious criminals or some members of the Melbourne criminal underworld which is coupled with the images of persons, like as Mr. Trkulja whose identity is comparatively unknown.”

Google was tried their best to stop the case, but the High Court ruled that there was clear potential for defamation.

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